Borgo Roggeri - Country House nelle Langhe

Welcome to our Country House overlooking the enchanting Langhe vineyards.

The project

Borgo Roggeri originates from a passion for people and for the magnificent land around us. An exclusive place where you can relax in close contact with nature, discover the wonderful neighbouring villages, savour exceptional food and wine products that are unique in the world and experience the most authentic emotions.

Borgo Roggeri enjoys a strategic position, just a few kilometres from the main villages and about 10 km from the town of Alba, capital of the Langhe. An evocative and historical entrance awaits you at the end of the hamlet: access to the inner courtyard is via a passage with a barrel-vaulted lowered arch dated 1877.

The story

The project originated with the renovation of the old family barn located in La Morra, a delightful village in the Langhe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014. The structure enjoys a splendid position at the end of Borgata Roggeri and directly overlooks the vineyards cultivated with the famous Barolo wine.

The renovation preserves the structural and architectural features, with particular attention to the environment and local traditions. The large openings in the upper part, once used to store hay, are closed with large windows and corten cladding.

Attention to the environment has led us to recover as much as possible, from old bricks to roof tiles, and to install photovoltaic panels to produce eco-sustainable energy. The charm of the old barn is complemented by contemporary choices such as the use of domotics and modern, functional furnishings to guarantee the utmost comfort.

Borgo Roggeri - Country House nelle Langhe

Relaxation and nature

The location of Borgo Roggeri allows guests to immerse themselves completely in the natural surroundings. The immense space available amidst the garden, vineyards and hazelnut groves will allow you to carve out your very own corner in which to relax and feel at peace, enraptured by the aromas and enchanted by the magical colours of the Langhe. Take a walk or relax by the pool with jacuzzi in our garden.

Absorb the scents and colours around you, breathe in deeply and enjoy the breathtaking views that stretch as far as the eye can see: an endless succession of neat vineyards, evocative villages and splendid Langa landscapes. Our aim is to make every moment of your stay unique and unforgettable!

Borgo Roggeri - Country House nelle Langhe

The apartments

Borgo Roggeri has two suites on the first floor and two studio apartments on the ground floor. A unique, harmonious ambience featuring separate living and sleeping areas, king-size beds, comfortable showers and fully equipped kitchens. The wooden-beamed ceilings in the suites reveal an antique ambience, rendered functional and elegant with all modern comforts.

The names of our rooms are a tribute to the symbols of the Langhe.

Borgo Roggeri - Country House nelle Langhe