Merenda sinoira - Borgo Roggeri

To promote your knowledge of local customs, we suggest the typical “merenda sinoira”, a cold meal that is eaten in Piedmont at around five o’clock in the afternoon and continues until dinnertime, often replacing the evening meal.

Sinoira originates from the word in Piedmontese dialect sin-a, which means dinner.
It is an old Piedmontese tradition, popular since the 1800s. It was a frugal meal brought by country women to the men who had been working in the fields since the first light of dawn and who, in the spring and summer months, had to go on until sunset. A cloth napkin or a basket containing bread, cheese and cured meats as well as a nice glass of red wine for a well-deserved rest.

We propose a prestigious local wine, accompanied by the gastronomic excellence of the area.